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GNSS & Low Noise Rubidium Source2500
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GNSS & Low Noise Rubidium Source2500

The GNSSource™ is a low-cost, high-performance GPS/GNSS Rubidium primary reference source in a compact 1U package. It integrates a smart, low-noise, Rubidium clock and a GPS/GNSS receiver. It uses the GPS/GNSS SmarTiming+® technology, disciplining the Rb Clock with an auto-adaptive loop time constant of 1,000 to 100,000 seconds, depending on the GPS/GNSS signal quality, at cutting-edge 1ns resolution. It’s designed for cross-industry applications, where high stability and timekeeping features is a driving requirement

Key Features:

  • Integrated GPS/GNSS receiver & low-noise Rb Clock
  • SmarTiming+® technology at 1ns resolution
  • Output Frequencies (4x 10MHz / 4x 1PPS or 8x 10 MHz)
  • User programmable SYNTH output
  • Compact 1U rack mountable chassis



  • > Ultra High
    Over Temp. < ±1E-10 (-5/55ºC)
    Short Term: 3E-12/10s
    Long term: < 5E-11 / month (typical: 3E-11 / month)


  • 445x300x44 mm
    52 x11.81×1.73 in.