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LTE-Advanced Xpert: Multi-layer LTE/LTE-A Protocol Analyzer
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LTE-Advanced Xpert: Multi-layer LTE/LTE-A Protocol Analyzer

  • Gain full visibility into your LTE-Uu network in continuous real-time
  • Capture traffic between eNodeB and user equipment
  • Perform independent root cause analysis of service issues
  • Scalable solution for LTE-Advanced: up to 5 Component Carriers and 8×8 MIMO
  • Improve your customer experience, acceptance test procedures and preventive care



What Would Uu Like to Know?

What do you really know about your Radio Access Network (RAN) and the interaction between the user equipment (UEs) and the serving cells (eNodeB)?

The LTE-Advanced Xpert multi-layer analyzer is a unique, real-time continuous protocol analyzer for LTE and LTE-Advanced networks. Installed between a base station and its served mobile devices, the LTE-Advanced Xpert captures the LTE-Uu uplink and downlink transmission and performs deciphering and analysis of data and control channels in real time.

Built for mobile service providers, equipment manufacturers and system integrators, The product provides fast troubleshooting tools and complete view into the elements and traffic of the radio access network.


Advanced Tools for LTE-Advanced Deployments