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Master Clock System
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High Accuracy secure time Server with triple synchronization redundant inputs and with multiple synchronization outputs.

Internal time base

Its incorporated battery and its oscillator allow to provide stable time code output in case of synchronization or power supply failure. Three quartz oscillators at choice :

  • OCXO: High frequency stability 1.10-8 (0°C to 60°C). Low ageing 2.10-10 / day.
  • TCXO: Frequency stability 1.10-6 (0°C to 60°C). Ageing 2.10-9 / day.
  •  XO: Frequency stability 2.10-6 (20°C to 30°C). Ageing 1,5.10-8 / day.

Security Power reserve:

2 hours (extendable to 4 hours for Option J). Backup configuration settings in flash memory. High level of security: 64 bits RSA™ MD5 signature, HTTPS, management console supporting SSH secured protocols. Supervision possible via SNMP software (Version 3).

Network Protocols:


  • NTP (v2, v3, v4)
  • NTP Client/Server, Broadcast, Multicast, Peering
  • SNTP (v4)
  • HTTPS1
  • SNMP (v1, v2, v3)
  • IPv4 / IPv6. (DHCP v4 / v6 compatible)
  • FTP

Key features:

  • Power Supply Redundancy 18-72 VDC & 230/115 VAC.
  • Configurable priorities of synchronization inputs.
  • Compensation of input delay due to transmission distance and threshold setting for security.
  •  Time Base and algorithm ensuring output accuracy up to 100ns when synchronized to GPS.
  •  Multiple synchronization outputs of different types de time code.
  • Time can be configured individually on each output, via DST and Offset.
  • PPS and 10Mhz output (available with OCXO oscillator only) via BNC connectors.
  • Alarm management via SNMP TRAP and two static relay outputs on screw terminal for synchronization and power supply alarms.
  • Manual or automatic adjustment for transmission delay.
  • System Event Journal.
  • Operational within 1 minute.

Radio Timing 4000:

Modular Time Centre allowing a redundancy on all the outputs for a high security level.

Modular rack mount system:

Equipped with an inter-modules bus, a backplane with connectors and terminals. Guiding system of modules. Connection system and switch between racks. From 1 to 4 racks stackable.

Time base:

High accuracy oscillator TCXO or OCXO. Holdover stability between 0° and 60°C :

– TCXO 1.10-6 /dayRadio Timing 4000

– OCXO 1.10-8 /day.

Security Automatic or manual modules redundancy.

Power reserve in case of main power supply cutting off.

Battery and power supply alarm Led indicators.

Key control lock.

Key features

  • Allows a specific composition and perfectly adapted to each use.
  • Remote supervision over Ethernet (SNMP, HTTP), support NTP/SNTP.
  • Protection filter, against over voltage and industrial noise.
  • Changing of module « hot plug », without cutting off sector.
  • Full redundancy, power supplies, synchronization inputs, synchronization outputs.