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Metro ISO: Multimeter
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Metro ISO: Multimeter

Metro.ISO it is a next generation Insulation Measuring instrument designed and manufactured in Europe with the last technology available in 2014. It can test Insulation-Resistance, Capacitance, AC / DC Voltage, Cable test, Selectable measuring lead pairs.

100% ALBEDO product

Attention, this is not an OEM but a pure ALBEDO product designed and manufactured in our European premises to equip those engineers working in the telecom access plants with a modern and well prepared instrument.

  • Ideal for engineers working in electrical and telecom installations
  • Suitable for the factory, the central office and the field
  • Compliant with IEC61010 CATIII 600V


  • Insulation-Resistance (analog)
  • Insulation-Resistance (digital)
  • DC-Voltage measurement
  • AC-Voltage measurement
  • Capacitance measurement
  • Fault-Location (for cable-break)
  • Resistance measurement



  • Upgradable
  • Automatically discharging
  • 2014 technology
  • Protective procedure to avoid accidents caused by a wrong selection (i.e. isolation instead of insulation)
  • Self-calibration
  • Rearmable Fusible based on PTC


  • Plant engineers
  • Installers of xDSL
  • Multimeter users
  • Telecom Troubleshooters