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  • First & Only Commercial available atomic clock based on ultra-cold atoms in the world.
  • The basic principle of the MuClock is very similar to the one utilized in the atomic fountains for the definitions of the Atomic International Time.
  • The unique solution is the result of more than 15 years of research conducted by academic partners : LP2N and LNE-SYRTE.
  • Laser Manipulation of cold atoms; able to produce more than 10 times per second a dense atomic cloud showing an exceptional stability over time, quasi-independently of external conditions.
  • Offer exceptional performances in terms of both short & long term stability, as well as accuracy.
  • An interesting alternative to a combination of H-Maser & Atomic Clock.
  • Stand-alone, easy to use, Compact, robust, turn-key and fully automated system.


“Technology transfer programs with our two academic partners”