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NTS 5000
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NTS-5000 delivers precise time directly into LAN using Network Time Protocol (NTP). Referential UTC time is drawn from GPS & Glonass simultaneously (product is Galileo/Beidou ready). Multiple external sources can be used simultaneously to produce weighted averaged output time. In case of losing SAT signals, the NTS-3000 disciplines itself from internal high performance quantum (RUBIDIUM) and OCXO oscillators set in redundant mode. It can then operate autonomously (free run mode) for many months. For IT safety reasons synchronization is performed by time slewing technology to minimalize risk of manipulations on time continuum and chronology. NTS-5000 is ideal to provide common notion of precise time reference for any size IT. Elproma servers are perfect for banking, stock trading, e-commerce, billing systems, multi-server IT, and it can support electronic certification (e-signatures). This product is suitable for finacial, power distribution and telecom IT. Elproma servers are designed to operate 24/7, and therefore they use only passive cooling (no fans). NTS-4000  includes all NTS-3000 functionality, plus extra includes a various of extra synchronization standards, incl. IRIG-B, IBM Sysplex, NMEA GPS in/out emulation, GSM/PSTN/dial-up modem option*, PTP Grand Master or PTP Slave option etc.

Technical Specifications

Synchronisation Protocols:

  • NTP,  PTP, TimeStamping RFC3161, IRIG-B, SYSPLEX, TIME
  • NTP: RFC5905, RFC1305, RFC5906, RFC5907, RFC5908, RFC5909
  • SNTP: RFC4330, RFC2030, RFC1769
  • PTP: PTPv2* (Precission Time Protocol IEEE1588-2008) – extra feature*
  • TimeStamping RFC3161: TimeStamping RFC3161 SERVER w/ PKI – extra feature*
  • IRIG-B: Analogue modulation IRIG-B002/B122/B003/B123, IEEE1344
  • IRIG-B DIGITAL: Digital unmodulated TC DCLS* via RS232 or 485
  • SYSPLEX: Sysplex timing for IBM Sysplex* mainframe computing
  • TIME/DAYTIME: RFC(868), RFC(867) – extra feature*
  • White Rabbit: (experimental) – extra feature* (requring Fiber Optic module)

Satellite Input Reference:

  • MultiSAT GNSS (max. 2 independent & redundant)
  • GNSS: GPS, GLONASS, GALILLEO* (test mode), BEIDOU* (test mode)
  • FREQUENCY: L1: GPS/GALILEO 1575.42MHz; GLONASS 1598.06MHz-1605.38MHz
  • SAT RECEIVER: 32 channel w/ build-in: freq. converter, TCXO
  • STD.  MODE: MultiSAT (default) supporting GPS/GLONAS/EGNOS/WAAS
  • EXCLUSIVE MODE: GPS alnone, GLONASS alone, GALILEO alone or dual GPS+GALILEO*
  • NEW SAT TESTS: GALILEO*, BEIDOU* (no synchronization, tracing SATs only)
  • SYNC ACCURACY: Better than 15ns (1s x 10E-9)
  • MAX. ANTENNA DISTANCE: 1.2km [4000ft] distance using UTP or STP (cat5) std. cable
  • OVERVOLTAGE: Protection via Varistor on each antenna I/O

 Time Oscillators:

Build-in Quartz Clock /optionally OCXO*/

INTERANAL #1: RUBIDIUM atomic ultra low jitter /Stanford Research USA/

INTERANAL #2: OCXO w/ 10MHz output (BNC) & 1PPS-out (BNC)

STABILITY: +/- 10E-8   per year          free run OCXO

+/- 10E-10 per month       free run OCXO

+/- 10E-11 per 1s             free run OCXO

+/- 2x10E-11 per 1s          free run RUBIDIUM

+/- 1x10E-11 per 10s        free run RUBIDIUM

+/- 2x10E-12 per 100s      free run RUBIDIUM

+/- 5x10E-11 per month    free run RUBIDIUM

+/- 5x10E-10 per year       free run RUBIDIUM

EXTERNAL: other OSC to connect via 1PPS-in (BNC) or RS232 (DSUB-9)

LAN/WAN/Internet: via ETHERNET std. via 100Base-T (or 1GE*)

ETHERNET: Std.2 (Max.6)



ISO/IEC7498-1: Layers: 1-7 OSI MODEL



Both symmetric & asymmetric

ENCRYPTION: NTP Authentication, Autokey, DSA, SSL

SYSLOG: external servers supported


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All protected for overvoltage

GNSS ANTENNA: RJ45 2pcs (RS485) independent (isolated for redundancy) I/O

LAN: RJ45 2pcs (max. 6pcs*) I/O

1PPS: BNC (50 Ohm) 1pcs (IN); 1pcs (OUT) I/O

10MHz: BNC (50 Ohm) 1pcs OUT

IRIG-B: BNC (50 Ohm) 1pcs (IN); 1pcs (OUT) IN+OUT

8x IRIG-B DISTRIBUTION: BNC (50 Ohm) 8pcs (OUT)     /optional/ OUT

RS232/RS485: DSUB9 2pcs:  1pcs (IN); 1pcs (OUT) IN+OUT

USB: 2.0 (for firmware support) pcs. 2 I/O

ALARM RELAY: optional* terminal-block connector supporting NO-NC

DIAL-UP MODEM: optional* model PSTN/ISDN/GSM (2G,3G,4G w/ SIM-CARD)


OPTO: 2x OPTO* input/output for expeimental CERN White Rabbit*

 Synchronization Accuracy:
>   15ns  (  15s x 10E-9) at primary reference source e.g. GNSS

LAN: >   10us  (  10s x 10E-6) at Local Area Network (LAN)

WAN: > 100us  (100s x 10E-6)

INTERNET: >  10ms  (  10s x 10E-3)



SIZE: 1U rack’19 (484x300x88,8mm 2U) 8kG

TRANSPORT: BOX size 520/380/250  BRUTTO 10kG

TEMPERATURE: Operating 0C+50C Storage -40C+85C (with humidity up to 95%)

POWER: IEC/EN 60320-1 (110/230VAC) max. 55W