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Optical Talk Set
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KI 021 Talk Set

The Kingfisher KI 021 fiber optic talk set or “butt set” provides full duplex voice communication over a single optical fiber. An optical talk set is used during installation, commissioning & repair, in situations where other communications systems are inconvenient or unusable. The superb optical performance enables all applications to be solved with a single fiber optic talkset.

They typically save time and help make field operations more efficient and predictable. The talk sets can be easily used by semi-skilled staff. One model is suitable for all general singlemode and multimode applications. Reliable field operation is guaranteed by a unique combination of features such as very simple to operate controls, rugged drop protected construction and reliable analogue transmission. High quality voice transmission is maintained over the full optical range, with no operator intervention.

  • Easy to use, compact, field proven fiber optic talksetsKI 021 Talk Set
  • Temporary optical voice link / order wire set
  • Useful in complete Transmission system set-up
  • 45 dB range over one single mode optical fibre
  • Optional clip-on probe
  • These instruments are sold in 1310/1550 nm pairs
  • Full QA report

OPT130: Clip on Coupler

The Optical Clip-On Coupler OPT130 provides non-damaging optical fiber bi-directional coupling between a single mode connectorized pigtail and colourless 250 micron coated single mode fibers. OPT130 offers the ability to couple fiber optic talk sets at any intermediate point along a fiber span where access to a terminated end is not available. OPT130 can also be used for instrument connection at fiber ends, where a connector may be unavailable. In addition, the OPT130 can be used for fiber identification and test maintenance. These procedures are performed by injecting test tones from equipment such as KI series Laser Light Source and KI series Optical Fiber Identifier.


  • 3 way conferencing with Optical Talk SetsOPT 130
  • Temporary test instrument connection
  • In-line monitoring


  • Single mode Bi-Directional Coupler
  • Coupling efficiency 13 to 22dB
  • Dual Wavelength 1300 ~ 1550nm
  • Non-Damaging Design
  • Insertion Loss < 7dB
  • Compact, rugged & light weight