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Digital Slave Clock
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Digital Slave Clock

Professional LED clock with tri-color display, robust and stylish combining the best of the technology for an easy installation and operation.

Single Face Hospital

Single Face Hospital Side View

Digital Double face

Time setting

The professional LEDI® clocks can display the same time information, synchronized by a master clock or a time server. On standalone and pulse version, the time setting is manual. Display date and time alternately.

Internal time base

The LEDI® clock has its own temperature compensated TCXO time base which allows an accuracy about 0.1 sec / day between 0° to 40°C in case of synchronization loss.


Backup of time information in case of mains absence, by lithium battery: 10 years.

Key features

Perfectly silent, direct and accurate reading of time. SMD bi-colour LED technology allows to change the display colour in red, green or yellow (optional white or blue). The patented technology of the light guide provides a perfect regularity of the brightness and viewing angle at 160 °. The front face of the LEDI ® is coated with an antiglare and antiscratch film giving an extraordinary 60000: 1 level of contrast. A protection against over-voltage and industrial interference via EMC filter.

An easy “plug and play” installation.
Anodized aluminium case.
Double face IP30 on bracket.
Its participation in the sustainable development life span over 20 years.

Indoor Double face

Double Face Side view

Indoor Side View

Remote management (with NTP synchronization)

Remote configuration and time setting via WEB interface. Automatic time zone choice and daylight saving time change. Supervision via HTTP, SNMP, Telnet. “GT Network Manager” (Windows® NT/XP/2000/Vista (32 bits)/ Windows 7)

Synchronization inputs

  • Standalone TCXO quartz time base.
  • France Inter (EUROPE).
  • GPS.
  • Pulse 24V reversed parallel minute or serial reversed 1/2 minute pulses.
  • AFNOR NFS 87500
  • IRIG B: shall be specified on Purchase order.
  • ASCII RS232, ASCII RS422/485.
  • DHW 869.525 Mhz.
  • NTP Ethernet 10/100BaseT automatic detection: RJ45.
  • Wi-Fi (IEEE 802.11B/G standard)