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Net.Sync: PTP Grandmaster With Qualification & Monitoring
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Net.Sync: PTP Grandmaster With Qualification & Monitoring

Net.Sync is a rack mounted PTP appliance (configurable as Master or Slave PTP clock) that is capable to monitor the synchronization quality of the network executing frequency/phase wander measurements in order to track the accuracy of master clock. Net.Sync can also be configured to troubleshoot the transmission layer by means of capacity and quality test suites or simply a reflector to loop back packets to remote appliances.

Assured PTP Timing all over


  • PTP Master/Slave clock modes
  • Multiple PTP Profiles: Default (IEEE 1588v2), Freq. Delivery (ITU-T G.8265.1), Power Profile
  • Multiple Time References: GNSS, PPS / ToD, OCXO, SyncE, PTP, E1/T1, 10MHz
  • Multiple Timing Outputs: PTP , SyncE, E1/T1, 2.0/1.5 MHz, 1 x PPS
  • PTP State, Decoding, Counts, Statistics
  • PTP Sync Floor Delay Population
  • PTP Wander Analysis TIE, MTIE, TDEV
  • Ethernet Line frequency (MHz), offset (ppm), drift (ppm/s)
  • SyncE Wander analysis/generation
  • Analysis / Generation ESMC messages and SSM count and rate
  • Asymmetric Delay Analysis
  • Latency test assisted by GNSS including One-way and Two-way delay measurement
  • Packet Analysis, Ethernet/IP Statistics, Bandwidth
  • IEEE RFC2544, ITU-T Y.1544 Loop back mode
  • L1/L2/L3/L4 loopback


  • Grand Master PTP clock
  • GNSS Receiver and PRTC
  • Synchronization from input ref. to timing output
  • Service activation
  • Synchronization roll-out
  • Synchronization SLA monitoring and maintenance
  • SyncE deployment



  • Telecom Operators 3G and LTE
  • Power Utilities
  • Large factories
  • PTP vendors
  • R+D centers and synchronization laboratories