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NTS-4000: NTP/PTP IEEE1588 Network Time Server
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NTS-4000: NTP/PTP IEEE1588 Network Time Server

NTS-4000 delivers time directly to LAN network using NTP PTPv2 IEEE1588 protocols. It is equipped with 2 independent Ethernet 10/100Mbps. The GNSS is a standard UTC reference time. Server is equipped with 2 independent GNSS receiver inputs ANT1 & 2.Therefore it can support independent satellite receivers too. Built-in OCXO oscillator guarantees time for limited medium period of missing GNSS signals. Both ANT1/ANT2 interfaces can be switched to output mode emulating GNSS NMEA signals with PPSout. Server can be synchronized to external clocks using 1PPS, IRIG-B inputs, RS232 (ToD). It also provides ref. output time via 1PPS, IRIG-B, RS232, 10MHz, RS232(SYSPLEX,IRIG).


NTS-4000 is STRATUM-1, PTP/IEEE1588 GRANDMASTER supporting software stamps. It offers accuracy of µs on LAN. Server supports leap second, synchronizes UTC time monotonously (jump-free) and can simultaneously serve up to 100,000 NTP clients.

Firmware basis on FreeBSD UNIX. It includes best stable IP stack. Unit has natural air cooling system without fans. This fact makes unit long life. Server uptime is counted in years of continuous working 24/7. It is manufactured since 2007 and it is regularly hardware & software updated to keep state of the art functionality and cyber-security.


Technical Specification

  • model NTS-4000: Network Time Server (1U)
  • holdoverOCXO: Yes
  • Sync Protocol: NTP, PTP IEEE1588, IRIG
  • NTP: RFC5905, RFC1305, RFC5906 RFC5907, RFC5908, RFC5909
  • SNTP: RFC4330, RFC2030, RFC1769
  • PTP: IEEE1588:2008 (software)
  • IRIG-B IN & OUT: AM (BNC 50 Ohm)
  • Digital (rs232)
  • Frequency Input: 1PPS (BNC 50 Ohm)
  • Output: 1PPS, 10MHz (BNC 50 Ohm)
  • TIME/DAYTIME: RFC(867-8) extra feature*
  • #LAN: 2x
  • speed LAN: 100/10Mbps (RJ45)
  • performance LAN: 1mln req/minute
  • TCP/IP: IPv4, IPv6, TCP, UDP
  • SNMP v2 V3, RADIUS
  • SECURITY: Autokey, DSA, SSL, MD5, RSA
  • SYSLOG: Yes
  • Accuracy GNSS: Better than 15ns
  • Accuracy LAN: Better than 10us
  • Accuracy VLAN: Better than 100us
  • Accuracy Internet: Better than 10ms
  • Interface GNSS: 2x (RJ45 rs485) w/PPS
  • Std. Support: GPS, GLONASS
  • Extra Support: GALILLEO* BEIDOU*
  • #SBAS: yes (EGNOS, WAAS)
  • #1FREQ: 1575.42MHz (L1 GPS)
  • #2FREQ: 1598.06-1605.38MHz
  • #CHANNELS: 32-170
  • Max Distance: 0.7km[2300ft] UTP cat5
  • Max Distance: 1.4km[4500ft] STP cat5
  • Interface rs232: 2x (D-SUB9)
  • Interface USB 2.0: 2x (firmware support)
  • Size RACK”19: 1U (484x300x44,4mm)
  • Weight Nett: 5kG (6kG BRUTTO)
  • Box Size: 520x380x250
  • Operating Temp: 0C+50C
  • Storage Temp: -40C+85C
  • %Humidity: up to 95%
  • Std. Power: IEC/EN 60320-1 110-230VAC max.55W