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Optical Power Meter
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KI 2600 Series Optical Power Meter

The Kingfisher Handheld Fiber Meter is a premium power meter used to test power, loss, continuity and faults on all types of fiber optic systems. Various detector options cover all power levels fiber and connector types. A VFL laser option is available.

  • Easy to use, rugged & versatile
  • Large memory with Text Tag, timestamp, and KITS™ Software
  • Autotest, up to 3 λ displayedKI 2600 Series Optical Power Meter
  • Long battery life, micro USB external power / charger
  • Alkaline or rechargeable batteries, AA x 2
  • LCD is large, clear, sunlight readable & backlit
  • Interchangeable connectors with dust cap & tilt bail
  • One button memory dumpto USB key
  • MultiFiber IDtone detection
  • No warm up, no dark current offset, improved high power range
  • Full QA & linearity test report

Options, light sources & test kits:

  • Single mode & multimode Ge detector
  • Single mode InGaAs detector
  • Up to +24 dBmHigh power detector
  • MPO / MTP™ ribbon fiber Large area Si, Ge, InGaAs detectors
  • POF, PCS, MT-RJ, fiber bundles, expanded beam / unusual connectors Large area Si, Ge, InGaAs detectors
  • Up to +33 dBmLarge area attenuated detectors
  • Optional 650 nm Visual fault locator

KI 9600A Series Pocket Fiber Meter

The inexpensive KI 9600A Shirt-Pocket fiber Meter is a simple and reliable power meter for testing power and loss on all types of fiber optic systems. It provides high accuracy and simplicity of use.

  • 9 calibration wavelengths with 2% accuracy
  • Very small size, intuitive to use, rugged & reliable
  • 2 x AA batteries give 300 hr of operationKI 9600A Series Pocket Fiber Meter
  • dBm / dB / linear display, 0.01 dB resolution
  • Display hold, max/min recording
  • Tone detector and Multi-Fiber IDfunction
  • Easy use limited featuremode
  • Full QA reports

Options, light sources & test kits:

  • General multimode & single mode testing Ge detector
  • Single mode and WDM InGaAs detector
  • Up to +24 dBmHigh power detectors
  • MPO/MTP & ribbon fiberLarge area Si and Ge detectors
  • POF, PCS, MT-RJ, expanded beam connectors etcLarge area Si and Ge detectors
  • FTTx / PON Wavelength selective detector