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With the ever-increasing requirements in terms of quality service, needed by network operators for their customers, synchronization is the best warranty for a total quality service in high speed digital transmission. Telecommunication networks have been experiencing a shift from TDM circuits to next generation Ethernet traffic. This shift has been driven by residential business Ethernet services and has been marked by the introduction of Ethernet-based 3G/4G/LTE mobile networks.

We provide customized E1/T1 TDM, IEEE1588 PTPV2 and SyncE solutions for a flexible mixture of TDM and packet traffic, suitable for both transitional phase and the long term.

In addition we represents ALBEDO world’s renowned leaders in telecom and networking solutions. The equipment and services allow telecom networks to quickly come into being, reducing installation risks and maximizing the Quality ofthe services to be deployed.

Every single product and service which is delivered from Khushi Communications guarantees innovate, effective and competitive solution.

Our product range comprises from small handheld, battery fed testers to full featured service performance assurance tools and distributed monitoring systems. We have several product lines including:

  • Field Taps: The best Wireshark complement.
  • QoS / SLA verification system Ethernet, IP, CriticalData, VoIP, IPTV.
  • WAN Emulator Ethernet / IP generate impairmentsat wirespeed.
  • Hand-held testers: Gigabit Ethernet, SynchronousEthernet, E1, PDH, SDH, Ethernet, IP, Jitter, Wander,Datacom, Frame Relay, etc.